Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neighbors from Hell

Hey Bloggery,

Sorry I've neglected you the last couple of days, especially since we just met. Hubby and I had a garage sale Friday to earn some extra money, our 6th since March. For some odd reason it's difficult for people to find our house. And before you ask, yes, we do provide detailed directions in our listings and put up signs. Anyway, the sale was from 9-2 so hubby opened the garage at 8 to move the car out so we could set up. I went into the laundry room for a minute and heard loud voices. As I was coming out, DH was telling Mr. Neighbor to get off our property. Apparently he had a problem with us having a garage sale "because of all the traffic it brings". We consider ourselves lucky with a turn out of 10 cars during the entire 5hrs due to the directionally challenged customers. (We got 8 this day)

Beginning right after the argument, Mr. Neighbor proceeded to bring out his electric leaf blower, followed by the electric hedge trimmer, followed by the electric tree limb cutter, and back to the leaf blower. This went on the entire day...passive aggressive much!?! Our 1st customer showed up at 9 on the dot and told us they didn't see any of our signs along the way. I went down the hill to check and sure enough they had been removed. This was about 10 minutes after Mrs. Neighbor drove off to work. Do you believe in coincidence Bloggery?

Forward to about 4:30 in the afternoon when Mrs. Neighbor knocks on our door. She couldn't understand what had transpired between our husbands when hers was only coming over to let us know about the new mailbox post. Huh???? (Our block is actually a circle and all of the mailboxes are on one side of the street. This was designed and set up by the county to make it easier on the mail carrier to just drive around once. Our mailbox is across the street and shares a wood post with Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor on "their property". ) Mrs. Neighbor says their side of the post has rotted and they want to build a new one with only their mailbox on it. She supposedly went to the post office and asked permission first because "that's the kind of person she is" and was told she COULD remove our mailbox without telling us and just toss it on our lawn. But being the good neighbor, she was going to allow us to use another spot on their property where we could build our own post. How nice, kind, generous, thoughtful...

So I went in and called the post office to explain the situation. Mary, the head postmaster said no employee of hers would ever tell Mrs. Neighbor what she claimed. Removing our mailbox is a federal offense, relocating our box would add another stop for the mail carrier(not to be done), and the area where the boxes are, though technically in front of the neighbors house, is actually a county owned easement. Mary was quite livid and actually drove out to have a chat with them. Unfortunately they weren't home so Mary left them a note.

It is now Sunday, and literally as I'm writing this, Mr. Neighbor is outside tearing down the post. Hubby just reported that our mailbox is lying on the ground. Stay tuned for more of the neighbors from hell who just committed a Federal offense...

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  1. Popped some corn and waiting to hear what happened next. :) Loved the Mr. Rodgers picture!!